In what should encourage all of us and make us want to hug everyone, sway in the spring breeze, and sing “We Are The World,” the covid pandemic is swiftly coming to an end.

But if that makes you happy, you have not been paying attention.

It should make you furious.

Coldly, bitterly furious.

And you should be coldly, bitterly, furious because of how and why it is going to end, what is going to happen when it does, and because even though we rightly mourn everyone who has died, none one bit of the lockdown lunacy was ever even necessary, and, in fact, made things infinitely worse.

Let’s deal with the “how and why it is going to end” first.

Covid is not going away. It is never going away. It is our viral “What About Bob.” It is going to become as ubiquitous and seasonal as the cold and flu. People are still going to get sick from it, and people who have severe comorbidities (being overweight, having COPD from years of smoking, being very old) are still going to die from it– just like those same people often die from the flu and other seasonal maladies.

And yet, even though the positivity and death numbers are still very high, St. Fauci and his sidekick, Joe Biden, are already saying that life is about to return to normal, as are many of their chattering minion underling Democrat governors. So, why and how is it going to end? It is going to “end” because Democrats in general and Joe “Crack Pipe” Biden, in particular, are polling worse than a bacon tray at a Bar Mitzvah. Covid and the restrictions that followed were an amazing tool for them, a gift from their Chinese overlords, sent to them just in time to enact mail-in voting and ballot harvesting schemes all across the country with the purpose of regaining what they crave more than (your) life itself: power. But now that people are finally pitching fits everywhere they turn and demanding their freedom (even though freedom is our inalienable right and does not come from our sleazy government to being with), they are rapidly winding things down. Mind you, they will still do everything they can to keep their mail-in voting and ballot harvesting schemes while ditching masks and mandates (for now), but poll numbers rule their world so that they can rule ours.

As to what is going to happen once they pick a date and declare victory, be ready to be really angry at this one. Rest assured that they are going to say something along the lines of, “We have now won, but we could have gotten back to normal a very long time ago if only you right-wing fanatics had worn your masks, stayed home, and gotten vaccinated.”

In other words, they will desperately hope that you forget.

They will hope that you forget that China made this virus, our own NIH (headed by none other than the above-mentioned St. Fauci) helped to fund its creation and that anyone who dared point that out was accused of “misinformation” and banned from social media.

They hope that you will forget that we were all asked to give them just “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and we did. We Americans dutifully stayed home, social distanced, did church in cars out in parking lots, and jumped through whatever hoops were placed in front of us. And what did that two weeks of compliance gain us? Not a flattening of the curve, a coyote-under-the-falling-anvil level flattening of our liberties, and two years (and counting) of having to fight tooth and nail for every tiny ounce of liberty and normalcy.

They hope you will forget that even though kids have a 99.98 survival rate in this, making it about as likely for them to die of being hit by a falling meteor, they were kicked out of schools and have spent a huge portion of their young and formative years being masked like some prisoners in the Inquisition.

They want you to forget that while they were shutting down restaurants for all of you “commoners,” they themselves were repeatedly caught making restaurants open up just to serve them and their party in private.

They want you to forget that St. Fauci said masks were not necessary, and then whenever his overlords (whoever they are) “explained the situation to him,” he did a 180 on that.

They want you to forget that when you were standing, you had to wear a mask, but when you sat down, you could take it off.

They want you to forget that they themselves mandated masks and then day… after day… after day… took their smiling mug pictures without their masks, while kids and “servants” all around them had to be in masks.

They want you to forget that they demanded that you shelter in place; they even tore down basketball hoops at public parks, arrested people for walking on the beach or in the mountains all by themselves, shut down gyms, and then loudly encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to pack the streets to protest the death of George Floyd. They even joined those protests, while you were under the house arrest they imposed on you for no good reason.

They want you to forget that Joe Biden said, “If you take the vaccine, you won’t get the virus.” And now, two doses and two boosters later… yep, still getting the virus.

They want you to forget they then said, “Well, you may get the virus, but you won’t transmit it,” and, yep, you guessed it, wrong again.

They want you to forget that they said, “Well, you may get it, and you may transmit it, but you won’t die from it.” You know what comes next, wrong again.

They want you to forget that they themselves have made a killing (gruesome pun intended) trading the stock of the companies that they picked as winners in the worldwide vaccine mega- lottery.

They want you to forget that they arranged for the vax companies to not be able to be sued over anything that happens to you if you have an adverse reaction to their shot.

They want you to forget that Democrat cash-cow vax companies managed within months to file all of the tens of thousands of documents necessary to get their vaccines approved but are demanding 75 years before they release any of that information to the public who, you know, are being required to be jabbed at risk of losing their livelihoods if they don’t.

They want you to forget that they specifically and intentionally targeted churches, forbidding them from meeting, while simultaneously deeming bars and abortion clinics as “essential.” They want you to forget that they sent deputies to block church parking lots, ticket parishioners, and threaten pastors.

They want you to forget that tens of thousands of people have been forced to choose between taking a shot that they do not want and losing their jobs, including soldiers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters.

They want you to forget that they made you stay home, and especially forbid long-distance travel and then exempted themselves and vacationed at their lake homes hours away, ahem, Gretchen Whitmer.

They want you to forget that they closed down styling salons and barber shops and then made those shops open just for them, ahem, Lori Lightfoot and Nancy Pelosi.

They want you to forget that they used little kids as masked photo ops while they plopped their obese, unhealthy selves down in the midst of them unmasked, ahem, Stacy Abrams.

They want you to forget that you could not be there to hold your grandma’s hand when she died, or hug your mom and dad and tell them you would see them again soon, and you could not hold a funeral for them, but they could gather ten thousand people for a funeral when one of their idols, John Lewis died, because, ScIEnCe.

They want you to forget that they, ahem, Andrew Cuomo, caused the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home patients by mandating they be taken into those nursing homes when they were covid positive, then lied about the massive body count it caused, then made five million dollars off of a book that was ghostwritten for them about the whole affair, a book on “leadership.” Irony, that.

They want you to forget that friendships have been ruined, families split up, church folks put at odds, holidays missed, and once-in-a-lifetime events like high school and college graduations missed as well.

They want you to forget that from the very beginning, there have been excellent medicines and treatments available, and they have fought to keep those treatments from people because, you know, can’t be cutting into their vaccine profit margin.

And none of it was necessary.

President Trump made a huge mistake when he went along with the initial shutdown of everything. He, of all people, should have known that government never cedes power once it gains it. I believe that he meant well because he truly cares about people and did not want to see hospitals overwhelmed and people die needlessly. But he got played, royally played. Viruses do what viruses do. People have been saying this (and being banned for saying this) since the beginning. And now, a Johns Hopkins study has said the exact same thing. Lockdowns not only did not help, they did harm. The national debt has exploded (and our grandkids will be left to pay for it), many businesses are gone forever, and suicides have gone way up, as has depression and substance abuse. Kids are way behind both on learning and on socialization, and in some cases, the lockdowns actually helped to cause more covid cases. For a virus that has always had around a 98% survival rate, the entire world has been brought to the brink of ruin.

And you can thank the entire Democrat party, 100% of them, and also a fairly decent-sized chunk of spineless Republicans.

Two years have been stolen from all of us. So when “Announcement day” comes and everyone is “given permission” to take off the masks and resume normal life, do not go back to normal. “Normal” is what gave us these sleazeballs to begin with. Remember all of this carnage all the way to the ballot box in November, and vote out everything that has a D by it, right down to the local dog catcher. And any Republican who has been complicit with them needs to be gotten rid of in the primaries. Any “news source” that has regurgitated the spewing stream of lies needs to be without viewers or readers or advertisers.

People are going to have to be made to pay a steep price for what they have done if we are to keep it from happening again… and again… and again.

Do. Not. Ever. Forget.

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Feature photo by Pastor Bo Wagner