Dear Preacher, You Stink And I Hate You, 07

Here is the next edition of “Dear Preacher, You Stink And I Hate You.” Below is another email I received concerning my column on “A Pistol-Packin’ Good Samaritan” and the responses that then went back and forth. I will call the writer Frank Lee Madeer.

You seem to miss the point of the Good Samaritan …read more

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Dear Preacher, You Stink And I Hate You, 05

Here is the latest bit of hate mail I received (really, really hateful this time), regarding my column about the potential fall of Roe V. Wade, and my response. The name of the writer has been changed to protect the ignorant, um, I mean, “innocent.”



So tired of you and your white nationalist Reformative Christianity!

“Pro life” …read more

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