Malaya’s Backyard Mystery

Malaya’s Backyard Mystery
Graycee Babb
Age 12

This book is dedicated to:

My family: my Mom, Angela Babb, my Dad, Jeff Babb, my Grammie, or “Grams,” Wanda Payne, my Papaw, Jim Payne, my Grandmom, Judy Babb, my Granddad, Wendal Babb, and the rest of my family.

My friends: Gracie Lynn Fried, Emeline Hewett, Madalyne Jones, Emma Logan, Kahlie Logan, …read more

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Interra and the Authors

Interra and the Authors

When I was a child, my mother told me the story of the Internet. She told me of the Librarian who fought the Authors to bring information to everybody. I will tell you the story as she told me.

Many years ago, in the land of Tenenlibris, all information was kept …read more

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The Demise Of The Muppets

It was only a matter of time, of course. Once Disney slapped warning labels on the Muppets that certain things about them were “offensive,” their demise was assured. When the pink slips were handed out, though, it took some explaining. Mrs. Piggy (naturally) was the first one to speak up.


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The Avengers Church

Having vanquished Thanos and saved the universe, the Avengers found themselves with nothing meaningful to do. Sure, Hulk would go out and smash a few shoplifters now and then, but after a while the ACLU protested (in writing, from a secret location a very long way away) and even that came to an end. Finally, …read more

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Transse. That would be the nearest way in our language to say the name of the world he found himself crashed on. This was supposed to be the triumphant return of the United States to space. Years ago, the U.S. had gone to the moon a few times, then everything seemed to …read more

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The Kid

The Kid. That was the name that Big Will Buckman derisively called Travis Jackson behind his back the night before, to his buddies at the bar. To his face, he dropped the “The,” and just spat out “Kid,” before he added “You should have took my advice, and left town.” Travis just stood …read more

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The Mini-Adventures Of Robbie Ryckowski. Adventure Two: The Presidential Pardon

Robbie Ryckowski was an ordinary little boy in almost every regard. Yes, other than the fact that he was absent-minded, hyper, bug-eyed, prone to uncontrollable attacks of giggling at all the wrong times, accident-prone, covered in freckles, and with no common sense at all, he was perfectly ordinary. Oh, and did I mention …read more

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