The 2024 Presidential election cycle is upon us, and there is so much to talk about. We could, for instance, take a walk through the grocery store, check out the prices, and have a conversation about that. Ronald Reagan famously asked, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” We could rightly ask, “Can you afford half as many groceries as you could four years ago?” And then, after either laughing or crying, we could take our measly buggy of milk and bread to the checkout and watch the cash register numbers whirl like a hamster wheel.

We could talk about the economy in general and ask how everyone is enjoying working way more hours and yet not being able to afford the basic necessities of life.

We could ask, “Everybody enjoying wars again? I mean, we went for four years without them, so it’s good for us to have a bunch again, right?”

But let’s focus on a different topic, shall we? Let’s focus on “decency.” You may remember that that has been the Faux-Evangelical Pearl-Clutcher’s (FEPCLUTS, for short) favorite phrase for the past six years or so. Joe Biden was going to “restore decency” after that awful orange bad man. But you see, the FEPCLUTS definition of decency is not what you may think, though they will never admit it. Their actual working definition of decency is, “The media is not shrieking anymore, so things are decent again!”

But do you see the problem? That is like saying, “Satan just got elected to the throne in heaven, and the demons are not shrieking anymore; therefore, he has restored decency!” The demons will never shriek against their dark lord, no matter how evil he is, because they have chosen a side. And the media will never shriek against indecency from democrats because they, too, have chosen a side.

And Joe Biden is indeed indecent.

He always has been.

Many FEPCLUTS voted for Joe Biden last time around because they bought the Trump is indecent/Joe Biden is decent argument. But anyone buying that argument needs to know something: you have absolutely no moral high ground whatsoever with Joe Biden. None.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Snopes, the vaunted (and decidedly left-leaning) fact-check site, recently had to change their rating on a particular Joe Biden story to “True.” That true story is that he showered with his daughter when she was way too old for that to be anywhere near appropriate, making her incredibly uncomfortable. Let that one sink in as you consider whether or not “decency” is a term that should ever, at any time, have been applied to Joe Biden.

As to his marriage, he has been accused of adultery with Jill while she was still married to another man, the other man being the one vehemently making the accusation and providing a lot of corroborating evidence.

He has been credibly accused of raping Tara Reade. In fact, no less than the New York Times opinion piece headline of May 6, 2020, was “I believe Tara Reade. I’m voting for Joe Biden anyway.” by Linda Hirshman. Not to be outdone, a Washington Examiner column of May 7, 2020, was titled “Voters Who Believe Tara Reade But Support Biden Anyway Help Him Keep Edge Over Trump.”

Again, let that sink in. Biden voters believe Joe Biden raped a woman – they just don’t care because he helps to forward their agenda. Hardly the definition of decency on either part.

And then there is his constant penchant for lying. Uncle eaten by cannibals, anyone? Corn Pop? Biden has been such a noted liar for so very long that Johnny Carson was roasting him for his lies 35 solid years ago. He has claimed for years to have been involved in the civil rights movement after having conceded in 1987 that he was never an activist. He claims to have participated in a sit-in over a black student being refused access to a lunch room, yet the black student involved in it denies Biden was ever a part of it. Even CNN recently published a nice long column on his lying; when CNN has to admit this, you know it is bad.

And how about blatant racism; is that what the FEPCLUTS mean by “decency?” In 2010, he had glowing words at the funeral service of Robert Byrd, former exalted cyclops in the KKK, calling him “One of my mentors.” In 2007. He called Barak Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.” In 2006, he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donut unless you have a slight Indian Accent.” In 1977, he famously said that the desegregation of schools would cause his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.” And who can forget his famous line from the 2020 election cycle, saying that if anyone did not know to vote for him over Trump, “Then you ain’t black!” You can read more on this at, the column is “Biden’s History of Getting Away With Racist Remarks.”

And how about just having a filthy mouth? Is that the decency the FEPCLUTS are talking about? You can check out the column “Joe’s Potty Mouth” from Politico of 10/21/2021 if you like, just be prepared to wash your eyes out with soap after you do.

And how about good old-fashioned extortion, influence peddling, etc? Biden, it seems abundantly clear, is as corrupt as any crime boss who has ever lived, raking in huge riches by peddling influence abroad. One source among many on this topic is the column “The Biden’s Influence Peddling Timeline” by the House Oversight Committee.

And then we have the misuse of the DOJ. They are famously and openly being used to target his main political rival. But, in a true nod to “decency,” he is also being even-handed enough to send them after little guys as well, like aging grandmas peacefully praying in front of abortion clinics.

Donald Trump, for many years of his earlier life, was indecent – as was and is Joe Biden. The chief differences between their indecency seems to be the former flamboyance of Trump in such, compared to the cringy, hair-sniffing, downright creepy weirdness of much of Biden’s indecency, and the fact that Trump’s gets publicized, while Biden’s gets pass after pass from a fawning press.

My point is this. There is absolutely, positively, not a single square inch of moral high ground in voting for Joe Biden. None. If you want to vote for him, knock yourself out. But please be aware that applying “decency” to that choice is pretty much the same as applying the term “cleanliness” to the Peanuts character, Pig Pen.

In fact, you may just want to write Pig Pen in instead; at least he won’t so effectively wreck the entire economy to go along with his filthiness.

Feature photo By Bo Wagner