I know this will be shocking, but from time to time I get hate mail…

And some of those times, it is an excellent opportunity to instruct my readers. This is one of those times. Here, then, is the email I received on 1/14/2021, followed by the response I replied with. I have omitted the writer’s last name out of kindness to her.

“How, please tell me that it is the Evangelical “Christians” are so closely aligned with a man who epitomizes every iota of the Anti-Christ?

And how is it that those who profess to follow Jesus Christ, the One who gave all are the same who follow a man who has swindled, stolen, beat people down, publicly humiliated and criticized others, and gives absolutely nothing of himself in love and charity?

How can it possibly be that those who have the least in this country and work the hardest, the most downtrodden of all are taken in by the one who has the most and has never ever really worked a single day in his life?

It is most perplexing to me! No, I do not believe you can answer these questions. And no, I do not believe there is any “giving to the lowliest ” in you or your followers.

I just absolutely hate that your BS is published in the small communities where more will have the wool pulled over their eyes by your kind of Christianity.

Sincerely from my heart

Hello, Maggie, and thank you very much for writing. However, since you did not reference which of my columns you were alluding to, I am a bit mystified as to your point. Was it this week’s column using the Bible to point out the failings and fallacies of the modern “prophets?” Or was it perhaps last week’s column using the Bible to once again decry racism in all of its forms, no matter the target? Or could it perhaps have been one of the other more than five hundred columns I have written over the last ten years using the Bible to encourage people to visit the shut ins and tend to the sick, send missionaries across the globe, have excellent parent/child relationships, be faithful in marriage, work hard, live on a budget, or receive Jesus Christ as Savior?

Either way, whichever of those columns it was, you seem to have somehow assumed some errant things through it. Oh how I wish logic and reasoning skills were still taught and valued above emotions and feelings; things like that would not happen nearly as often.

One of the things you seem to have assumed is that I am an evangelical. I rather suspect that 99% of evangelicals do not even know me and likely would not regard me as an evangelical if they did. I tend to eschew and defy labels.

As for assumptions, I will try not to make that same mistake in my response to you. You did not mention the name of the man who you say “epitomizes every iota of the Anti-Christ.” Having studied the anti-Christ extensively through Scripture, I can assure you that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump even comes close. Biden does have the upper hand in that, though, since the anti-Christ will have no regard for human life (i.e. believing that ripping babies limb from limb is a good thing, rather than a barbaric, demonic abomination) and will be a loather of Israel, and a promoter of a one world government rather than believing that any nation (i.e. America) should stand on its own two feet and be an independent, powerful nation.

As for your assertion that I have somehow aligned myself with anyone, that assumption of yours is every bit as faulty as the rest of your diatribe. I will vote for people, I will encourage others to vote for people, but I do not “align” myself with anyone. If it is President Trump you believe I have aligned myself with, you might want to peruse my myriad social media accounts. I voted for him, and I have been fair to point out the things he has done right as well as the things he has done wrong. But I have not so much as a single time “magad” anything, or regarded him as anything other than a man whose stated principles of governance align more closely with mine than any alternative on the democrat side. If it is Joe Biden you believe I have aligned myself with, his support of abortion, credible accusation of rape by Tara Reade, serial groping of children, blackmailing of foreign dignitaries, regularly recurring racist statements, and inability to ever be completely truthful would prevent me from aligning myself with him either.

Now let us deal with something that you got partially right and partially wrong. When you say he (and I am assuming, there is that word again, that you mean President Trump) has “publicly humiliated and criticized others, and gives absolutely nothing of himself in love and charity,” you are right in the first half, and wrong in the second. It is demonstrably, provably true that he has humiliated and criticized others, though to be fair he is still a rank amateur at that when compared to many democrat luminaries. But it is just as demonstrably true that he has both given generously to charity for many decades, including the last four years when he has given away every penny of his presidential salary, and that he has in many cases been a very loving person.

And as to “never ever really worked a single day in his life,” that is also provably, demonstrably false. Before he ever ran for public office he was widely hailed by democrats and republicans alike as one of the hardest working men in the world.

From there, though, you turn your attention to people you do not know at all, namely me and my “followers” when you say “ And no, I do not believe there is any “giving to the lowliest” in you or your followers.” I rather suspect that the multitudes of homeless people who have been fed, clothed, and cared for by our church would beg to differ, as well as the multitudes of people in nursing homes who have been visited by us each week for more than twenty years, and the multitudes of families that have been saved from ruin by our care, and the children who have been taken in and adopted, and the people who have been given thousands of dollars to help meet their needs.

Lastly you say, “I just absolutely hate that your BS is published in the small communities where more will have the wool pulled over their eyes by your kind of Christianity.” As to that I respond 1) that my columns have literally saved people from committing suicide, brought people to Christ, helped to restore broken homes, and motivated people to truly live for Christ in a world that needs it 2) that my columns actually appear in many large communities as well 3) that I do not ever write or publish BS, as you call it, if for no other reason just out of territorial respect for leftist outlets and media.

Kindest regards, and have a blessed day and a wonderful 2021,

Pastor Bo Wagner

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