Here is the next edition of, “Dear Preacher, You Stink And I Hate You.” For context, my column this week, which is just now coming out in different papers, was about the Good Samaritan in Indiana who stopped a mass killing event by shooting the murderer. In that column, I lamented the three that were murdered, making it very clear that their loss of life was horrific, tragic and unjust, and I also thanked the Good Samaritan, Eli Dicken, for preventing much, much greater loss of life.
Here, then, is the email I just received, followed by a back and forth between the lady and me. I will call her “Cindy Lou Howdareyou.”
I read with interest your article that appeared in our local paper entitled, “A pistol-packin’ Good Samaritan? Yes, absolutely.”

I take great issue with your comment that starts the second paragraph with, and I quote, “But instead, he killed just three people.” Seriously?? “Just three people?” “JUST”???

Those “just three people” were somebody’s family, friends, brothers, sisters, parents, children, whatever the category. I daresay that if they knew of your comment, they would take issue with it. I certainly would. And I do. And I do not know these folks. If you had made a comment like that where my family was involved, I would have a huge issue with you. That is something you, or any of us, should never, ever, say. I guess in your thinking that “just three people” is better than a whole mass shooting of larger numbers. Even one is too many. I guess if it had been only one, based on this type of comment, you probably would have said “it was just one.”

And you end with “Nice shooting, Eli.” hmmmm…Is that something you really should put in print?? I know my personal feelings toward people who do this but I would never put them in print where it can come back to bite.

Have I missed the point of the Good Samaritan? No.

Comments that you made can damage one’s credibility. Especially the “it was just three people.” Methinks I’m not sure I’ll be reading any more of your articles and perhaps I’m glad I’m not part of your congregation.

Cindy Lou Howdareyou

One, My very next line, which you either ignored or chose not to read, was “that is still an unspeakable tragedy, a horrifying event that no family should ever have to contend with.”
Two, yes, three people is certainly better than a whole mass of people killed, and I must say, I struggle to even begin to comprehend your reasoning that it is not. What reason exactly can you give that more people dead would be better than less people dead? By your convoluted reasoning, six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust is a better outcome than if only five had been killed. That is very, very odd reasoning indeed. And before you even begin to use the standard canard, “How about no people dead,” that does not happen on earth, at all, ever. People are killed every single day by guns, bombs, poison, fists, cars, baseball bats, and thousands of other ways. So, since “none” is never going to be an option, yes, three is certainly better than 100.
Three, it was, demonstrably and provably, very good shooting. Even law officers generally only train from 25 yards or less. To put eight shots in a man-sized target from 40 yards with a handgun legitimately makes that young man one of the best marksmen of our day.
Four, while you are “glad you are not a member of my congregation,” rest assured that if you are ever in the area, you would be warmly welcomed if you visit.
Have a blessed day,
Pastor Bo Wagner

Oh I read it. Whether you think so or not. Perception is everything as my boss used to say. Sorry I bothered you. Won’t be doing that again.

Cindy Lou Howdareyou

You were no bother; I do not mind at least attempting to help people understand. And with all due respect to your boss, who I am sure was/is a fine individual, the statement “perception is everything” is completely illogical because it begs the question, “whose perception?” I have already had very positive comments on the column, so it is clear that everyone perceives things differently. If that were not the case, we would have no elections, everyone would just say, “100% of us agree that (fill in the blank) should be President!” Reality, facts, supersede perception. The day that ceases to be the case, we will be living in a world of complete anarchy.
Again, have a blessed day.
Pastor Bo Wagner

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