One of the interesting things about government bills and laws is that they all generally come with both a number and a name. The number is its legal identity. But the name is what government officials call it in order to get the general public to either support it or loathe it. This is a critical distinction to make because the number is the only one that Democrats are ever, ever honest about, and that is only because they have to be. The name (or nickname) is nothing but pure propaganda.

For instance, Florida just passed a parental rights bill, giving parents more access to and control over what their very young children are exposed to in schools. Democrats are calling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” With a name like that, one would think that somewhere in the bills are the words “You can’t say gay” or something like that.

But there aren’t. Anywhere.

Instead, the “controversial portion” of the bill simply says, “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Anyone with more than three functioning brain cells should be able to read those words and think, “Yep, kids that age have no business being taught about things like that in school or in any grade in any way that is not age-appropriate.” And yet, since Democrats, on average, have only 1.7 functioning brain cells, this gets called the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

Truthfully, that bill is actually far too weak and tepid. In a sensible world, it would say something like, “WHAT STINKING CREEPY PERVERT WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT WITH CHILDREN?!? NO! JUST NO!”

And yet Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill is out there tweeting, “GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY!” In reference to it. Thanks, Mark; now we know that what was left of your credibility actually was “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”

But this is not an aberration. It is a consistent modus operandi of the political left.

So here is what you need to grasp.

If a Democrat calls a bill something like “The Protect The Children Act,” then you can rest assured that it is designed to exploit children and would more properly be named something like “The Pedophile Enablement Act.” If a Democrat calls a bill something like “The Secure The Border Bill,” it will be designed to remove huge walls and border agents and replace them with knee-high picket fences and Sergeant Schulz (I seeee NOTHING! NOTHING!!!).
If a Democrat calls a bill something like the “Republicans want to starve old people bill,” it means that it is a bill designed to help younger workers have more control over their own retirement.

If a Democrat calls a bill something like, oh, say, the “Build Back Better” bill, it will be designed to jack gas prices up to an unsustainable level so that people are forced into electric cars or mass transit, send inflation through the roof so that people are forced onto government assistance and therefore always vote for the Democrats giving them that assistance, and weaken us before the world because we are (in their warped view) inherently evil and in need of comeuppance.

In short, pay very, very, VERY close attention to what Democrats name or nickname things.

And then assume that the truth is the exact opposite.

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Feature photo by Pastor Bo Wagner