How The West Was Won – LIGHTNING Leaders Handbook


Author : Bo Wagner

How The West Was Won is a study of the character traits of a Christian. Team Rangers and Team Marshalls will compete all year to catch the bandit that robbed the bank in Dodge City, and in Bible reading, Bible memory, and all of the other things every church and godly parent want them to be doing anyway, and along the way they will learn about things like obedience, submission, courage, thankfulness, discretion, and much more. Your kids will be changed from the inside out through this study!


The LIGHTNING How The West Was Won curriculum is a study of Christian character traits taught in Scripture. In a day when the world will teach your young people to be selfish and lazy and scared, this curriculum will teach them about Courage and Selflessness and Thankfulness and Boldness and Hard Work and Humility and many more.

Each LIGHTNING Youth course is a complete and comprehensive yearly youth program. Each year’s program represents a unique themed study.

LIGHTNING is an acronym for “Living In God’s Holy Truth, New Identities, New Goals” and that is our exact goal for each young person who participates in this program! We want to help produce much more than just “good kids;” we want to help produce GODLY kids.

Each year of LIGHTNING contains enough material to last roughly the length of a school year and generally consists of 34 lessons, 34 fun trivia quizzes, and 34 unique games.

The lessons are printed in their entirety which may help churches and other groups who do not have the resources to hire full time, professionally trained youth staff to produce their own lessons and material. A youth leader could literally read them to the young people as printed. However, each program can also be tailored to fit the needs of a group.

These files are for downloading, and once purchased, you may make as many copies as needed for your group leaders. LIGHTNING leaders handbooks contain an entire year of material.


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