The Night Heroes: Cry From the Coal Mine (Volume 1)


Author : Bo Wagner

I could hear sniffling, and soft crying coming from inside that tiny crevasse. I now knew that a little boy had done a very brave thing, and that it was costing him dearly. I could also tell that he was getting scared, tired, and thirsty, and was about to give up. If he did, a lot of men would die, and a bad guy would get away with stealing a mine. I had to do something, fast, but there were four grown men between me and that little boy, and I only had a few minutes to get back to the mine’s entrance….


This is where it all began for the Night Heroes. One moment they were pecefully sleeping, and the next moment they were awakened by a voice calling their names. They opened their eyes to find themselves still in West Virginia, but in the year 1912, with a huge challenge in front of them, and a great deal riding on the decisions they would make…


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