The Night Heroes: Desert Heat (Volume 11)


Author : Bo Wagner

“What happens now, Carrie?” I asked. “Break out the history on us, or for this exact moment, the present.”

“Well, within just a few hours, Major Frank Thompson will be taking about sixty men down into Mexico to chase him. He will battle with his troops, but he won’t catch Villa. And then in about a week, General Blackjack Pershing will be taking a must larger force after him, and that will be an eleven month attempt at catching him.”

I nodded grimly. “In other words,” I said, “we have no time to lose. All of Mexico is about to be as hot as the surface of the sun, and a lot of people and things are about to get broken. If we don’t get to that kid first, he make never make it home.”


The desert sand of Mexico is no place for kids — unless, of course, those kids are the Night Heroes, and they are chasing the infamous Pancho Villa! He made a mistake when he invaded America. He made an even bigger one when he snatched a child because now, it isn’t just the army that is after him; it is Kyle, Carrie, and Aly.

For his sake, he better hope the army finds him first!


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