The Night Heroes: Ghost Ship (Volume 5)


Author : Bo Wagner

The heavy mist hung in the air like a shroud, blinding us to what we needed to see. I wondered if she was still there, or had perhaps silently put out to sea for some reason. But the next breeze that blew reminded me how foolish that notion was. When the mist parted for the briefest of times, there she was, black sails still hanging, the ghost ship that people for miles around feared as if it was death itself…


Who is this pirate that is terrorizing a small town on the coast of North Carolina? What evil power allows him to never be caught or defeated? And why is he so interested in a town of people who are dirt poor, when there are such rich targets elsewhere? It will be up to Kyle, Carrie, and Aly to find that out, and find some way to stop him!


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