The Night Heroes: When Serpents Rise (Volume 6)


Author : Bo Wagner

The power of prejudice was as subtle and persuasive as ever, and apparently I was living proof of that. But now that I knew better, could this disaster be stopped? I looked out the window of the tiny cabin up on the hill and could see movement in the trees down below. The Pit Viper and his posse were headed this way, and if history were a good indicator, they would not be taking any prisoners, including us. From the back of the room, I could hear Rain Water moaning. He was in no shape to fight and no shape to run. “We have company coming, Guys,” I said to Carrie and Aly, “and I don’t think they’re bringing house-warming gifts.” If we were lucky, this would be a very long day. If we were not, we might not live long enough to see tomorrow.


In tiny Hiawassee, Georgia, the Night Heroes will find themselves for the first time ever at odds amongst themselves, and at the worst possible time. And if they do not get things sorted out quickly, this mystery will take a very deadly turn for the worst.


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