The Night Heroes: Winter Wolf (Volume 10)


Author : Bo Wagner

The heavy, fast-falling snow was oh, so cold. But nowhere near as cold as the dozen or so rifle barrels pointing right at us. “If you want to try and keep this baby alive, then take it and go. But under no circumstances can it stay with us a single minute longer. The more it cries, the more of these wolves keep coming, especially that ungodly monster leading the pack. Enough of these men have died already, and no one else among us is going to do so if I can help it.” I looked over at Carried and Aly and immediately had my answer. The looks on their faces as they mothered that precious, helpless babe let me know that we would save it or die trying. So come on ahead, Wolf; the Night Heroes will be ready for you.


The night heroes have faced many two-legged enemies; now, their enemy is the biggest wolf you could possibly imagine. And the stakes could not be higher; it is a precious baby the wolf is intentionally coming for. But to get to that baby, he will have to come through Kyle, Carrie, and Aly first.

And they are not about to let that happen.


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