The Power Plant – Student Devotion Book with Answers


Author : Bo Wagner

The student daily devotional book for the LIGHTNING Power Plant curriculum. It includes a Bible reading schedule, 34 Weeks of daily devotions, and the answers to be printed for the leaders.

This book can be downloaded and printed as many times as you need for your students. Some leaders choose to give one sheet per week while others choose to give students the whole book at the beginning. That is your choice based on your students.



The Power Plant Student Book contains 34 Devotions working through the book of Acts. At the end of each lesson, there is a memory verse for them to learn. The theme of the study is the power of God, and each of the devotions, taken straight from the text of Scripture, has your students answering questions and learning what they need to know about this vital subject.

You may reprint these all at one time or on a week-by-week basis for the students.

At the end of the student devotions, there is another copy with the answers.

Purchase once and then print one for each student.


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