The Prudent Queen


Author : Bo Wagner

Mordecai had no idea how Jehovah’s plan would unfold when he was left to care for his young cousin, Hadassah. He knew the grace and wisdom she possessed as she grew exceeded her years and that Jehovah had special plans for his young charge. Now it has been announced throughout the realm of Persia that Queen Vashti has been banished and that King Ahasuerus is eagerly in search of a new queen to share his throne. With tension rising among the Jews and the Persian people and enemies gaining control inside the palace, the Jews are being threatened as never before. Hadassah, now called Esther, has gained favor with the king and bears the title of queen. But what will happen when the king discovers that she is of Jewish descent? Will her faith in Jehovah be strong enough for her to risk her life in an effort to save her people? Of many things she is not certain, but one thing is for sure. Jehovah’s plan is clear, her station in life is set. That she is inside the palace is no accident. Jehovah has placed her there for a very specific purpose. She is to be THE PRUDENT QUEEN.

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The historical account of Esther is utterly Amazing. In this historical fiction account, based on the Scriptural record, Angela W. Buff does a masterful job of showing what things may well have been like for Esther and everyone around her. With superb writing style and skill, Buff has produced a work that you will find hard to put down once you have picked it up!


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