We Have Heard


Author : Bo Wagner

“We have heard.” The words continue to echo in Rahab’s mind and in her heart as she hears them time and again. Rumors continue to circulate throughout the city of Jericho concerning a band of wandering Israelite slaves who have escaped slavery from Egypt nearly forty years ago. Now led by a man called Joshua, they plague any city they encounter in search of their Promised Land, and they do not act alone. The invisible God they serve is with them everywhere they go, going before them preforming miracles the likes no one before has ever seen.

When the band of Israelites make their camp just across the Jordan River, Rahab is not the first to take notice. Nazim, Chief Centurion to the King and Jericho’s most fearsome warrior, has them in his sights and vows nothing will stop him in defeating the Israelites and protecting the land of Jericho.

But when Rahab accidentally crosses paths with the handsome Israelite, Salmon, what will she discover about this mysterious God and the promises He has made to His people? And how will Nazim, her most cherished companion, handle the decisions she will make? The truth will be told and fact will be derived from rumors when Rahab discovers the truth about everything “We Have Heard.”

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Rahab started out as a prostitute, and ended up as a believer in Jehovah God, and in the direct bloodline of Christ. This historical fiction account weaves her story into a beautiful tapestry befitting of the remarkable woman herself.


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