Zak Blue and the Great Space Chase: Falcon Wing


Author : Bo Wagner

Zak Blue is self-centered, arrogant, egotistical, rebellious, dishonest, and impetuous. But neither he nor his best friend, Deragon, knew just how great he could be, or for that matter, how good he could be. They were destined to find out from the very moment he chose to escape Earth and the tyrannical Planetary Command that is determined to hunt him down no matter how far he runs.
This is where his epic journey begins.
But since he has no idea why he is being chased to begin with, he knows that the end of his journey is entirely uncertain.


Part one of a Sci-Fi adventure that will take Zak Blue and his best friend, Deragon, across the universe. They will be hunted by the tyrannical Planetary Command behind them and faced with untold dangers ahead of them. Along the way they will both change and be changed…


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