Time to get all of my mental squirrel’s lined up and marching in formation again, so here goes.

One: If the FBI had, under President Donald Trump, raided the home of Barak Obama, rifled through Michelle’s clothes, and ransacked the bedrooms of their children, no justification on earth would have kept the media and Hollywood and the entire Democrat party from going completely berserk. The man could have been building a nuclear bomb in his kitchen, and Trump and the entire Republican party would be accused of racism, fascism, sexism, and child abuse. But all of the media, Hollywood, and the Democrat party are throwing confetti and celebrating the private home of Donald Trump being raided, FBI agents going through Melania’s clothes (maybe looking for something simply ravishing to wear?) and a kid’s bedroom, Barron Trump, being violated.

Two: Joe Biden literally thinks that half of the country is a problem that needs to be eradicated. He thinks your gramma and grandpa who voted for Trump are domestic terrorists. He thinks the guy who has pastored your church for four decades and loves people and America is a domestic terrorist if he voted for Trump. He thinks your plumber and electrician and all of your local police are domestic terrorists if they voted for Trump. He literally believes that most of the people you know and love need to be put in concentration camps “for the good of the soul of America.”

Three: Under the Biden administration, more illegal aliens have crossed our southern border than the entire population of Ireland. We are literally the only country on earth weak enough and stupid enough to let that happen. The. Only. One.

Four: Popular evangelicals have only one philosophy when it comes to politics: we (conservatives, Christians) need to lose and do so with gentleness, or “winsomeness” as they like to put it. They view this as Christlikness when in reality it is simply highly polished cowardice. They would gladly let our children and grandchildren be born into communism and servitude rather than ever “offend” the enemies within who are trying to make that happen.

Five: Again on the subject of popular evangelicals, they spent the last election cycle clutching their pearls over the thought of a crass man like Donald Trump being re-elected. Joe Biden was, to them, the “Christian option.” You know, the Joe Biden that showered with his teenage daughter, has been credibly accused of rape, got his current wife by having an affair with her and busting up her marriage, has a foul mouth, has enriched himself by sleazy dealings for decades, said that he did not want his kids “educated in a racial jungle” (among voluminous other racist statements through the years) and has been caught in so many lies and instances of plagiarism that, based on Revelation 21:8, he will never even see a postcard of heaven. That Joe Biden. That “Christian option,” Joe Biden. I might be able to have a tiny amount of respect for them if they said, “Both Trump and Biden are horrible, wicked people, but we are holding our noses and voting for Biden,” but that never happened. Instead, they took a devil, made him a saint, and then made you out to be a devil for voting for the “unchristian guy.”

Six: Prices of everything are through the roof, it is hard to get all the things you need even at the stupidly high prices, and the administration’s solution is to hire 87,000 more IRS agents. They make a problem, and then make sure you will pay for the problem they made.

Seven: Joe Biden has handpicked a group of voters (College grads who have not paid back their loans) to throw your money at. You factory workers, retail workers, farmers, plumbers, contractors, you get to pay for loans that others took out and never repaid. And does anyone in their right mind think that this will ever end now that it has been started? How about the home loans of, say, Hispanics in Florida and Texas? I mean, that could turn a red state blue, so, why not? What about the car loans of recent high school graduates? Young people often lean left, so why not make all the hard-working, middle-aged conservatives pay for their cars? And then, when Republicans take back the reigns of government, why don’t we cancel the cancellation of those left-leaning loans and instead “forgive” the loans of talk radio stations, business owners, police officers, and especially Christian schools and colleges! Just take all of the mortgage loans they have taken out, “forgive” them and make leftists pay for all of the buildings and properties! And forgive all of the tuition of every student enrolled in a Christian school or college, but not any secular ones. Won’t this yo-yo of “forgiveness” be fun?

Eight: Republican voters have very short memories. They especially, in the era of Trump, forget that Democrats call EVERY Republican candidate a racist/sexist/bigot/literally Hitler. They even did it with such tepid candidates as Mitt Romney and George W. Bush. If you think that any Republican anywhere with any chance to win is going to be given any respect and decency by the left, you are an idiot. They are already calling Ron Desantis all of those things and more, even though he is a choir boy/military hero/devoted husband with zero baggage.

Y’all have a nice day now, y’hear?

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Feature photo by Pastor Bo Wagner