Thank you for taking the time to read this book. This book is dedicated to all the dogs in the world. I hope you have read the two previous books: “Malaya’s Backyard Mystery” and “Sal’s Jail Mystery.” If you have not, that’s fine too; although I do encourage you to read them for background purposes. …read more

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Malaya’s Backyard Mystery

Malaya’s Backyard Mystery
Graycee Babb
Age 12

This book is dedicated to:

My family: my Mom, Angela Babb, my Dad, Jeff Babb, my Grammie, or “Grams,” Wanda Payne, my Papaw, Jim Payne, my Grandmom, Judy Babb, my Granddad, Wendal Babb, and the rest of my family.

My friends: Gracie Lynn Fried, Emeline Hewett, Madalyne Jones, Emma Logan, Kahlie Logan, …read more

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