To say that Fredericksburg, Virginia, is no New York or Chicago would be an understatement. Fredericksburg is a lovely little town of about 25,000 people located some 58 miles north of Richmond. And yet on June 13, 2020, the little town of Fredericksburg learned that anarchy and anarchists have no plans to confine their terroristic activities to the big city.

There was a BLM protest taking place on that day, something that a young mother named Tara Durant inadvertently found herself crossing paths with. Her little girl was in the back of the car, blissfully unaware that she along with her mother was about to get caught up in the big-league world of politics and power plays.

Tara Durant came to the intersection of Caroline and Hanover Streets, and this woman, who had done nothing to anyone, was swarmed by the “peaceful protesters.” They would not let her go forward, and began threatening her and even jumping on her car. But they were not just threatening her; they also threatened her little girl in the vilest of language.

A child. They threatened a child.

Naturally, Tara Durant called 911. That conversation went as follows. Mrs. Durant explained what was going on and the danger she and her daughter were in. The dispatcher replied, “please be patient, I’ll let the officers know.” Mrs. Durant, sensing from that answer that help was not coming replied, “are you serious?” to which the dispatcher replied, “we can’t do anything ma’am, the city told us that this is a sanctioned event.”

At that point someone tried to crawl into Ms. Durant’s car, where her daughter was. She screamed, “get out of my car! You know, this is when it gets dangerous, I’ve got a kid in here!” The dispatcher, sounding utterly unconcerned, said, “yes ma’am, we would suggest you call up City Hall to let them know about your frustrations.”

Realizing help was not coming, Ms. Durant eventually drove through the crowd which finally parted to let her pass. And what was the response of the mayor, Mary Katherine Greenlaw to all of this and more? She apologized… to the protesters.

This is not an aberration. Portland has been on fire for more than three months. On August 16, 2020, 80 days into the Portland riots, more than sixty 911 calls went completely unanswered while overwhelmed police officers battled militants firing at them with rocks, bottles, and fireworks. But on July 16, 2020, 50 days into the rioting, Democrat Jerry Nadler, of impeachment fame, declared rioting in Portland to be “a myth.” Apparently Mr. Nadler would make a good prospect for the Flat Earth Society, since he seems to be quite incapable of seeing what is actually in front of his eyes.

Not to be outdone, The Minneapolis City Council in late June unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department, marking the first step toward establishing what they call a “holistic approach” to public safety. Holistic, by the way, means “characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of the disease.” But all of that euphemistic speech, in Minneapolis, simply means savaging and weakening the police department and expecting things to get better. And how has that worked out?

Not well. By the end of July murders had skyrocketed to more than 95% of that point in the previous year. Just by the end of June, a few weeks into the rioting, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the property damage in this city would likely be the costliest civil unrest damage in U.S. history, coming in at nearly half a billion dollars. And many of the businesses destroyed by “Black Lives Matter” protesters were, ironically, black-owned businesses.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots broke out once again over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a man wanted for rape, whose alleged victim had called 911 to report him being there when a judge had forbidden him from doing so. Once again businesses and buildings were set on fire, including a car lot beside a church. I mention that because, once again in a touch of irony, the church, which had “black lives matter” prominently displayed on its marquee, ended up having the sign burned down and the building singed as the adjacent fire spread onto their property. But collateral damage does not matter in the least to the rioters in the street.

And who can forget the lovely scene in downtown Seattle, where 2020 brought us a brand-new country with our shores? Protesters took over the downtown area. City Hall instructed the police to stand down and let them do as they would. CHAZ was quickly established, which campy sounding named stood for “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” That name eventually gave way to something that even Looney Tunes would be proud of, “CHOP,” which stands for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.” Police were barred from entering. Again, all of this was ostensibly to protest “systemic racism by the police.” Irony once again, then, when a 19-year-old black man, Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr., was shot in the street, and help was unable to reach him as he died because of the protesters and rioters. His father has now filed a $3 billion lawsuit against the city.

Chicago, consistently the most violent city in America, consistently producing scores of murders every single weekend, somehow managed to achieve even new lows during all of this anarchy. On August 9, 2020, officers were pursuing a suspect, who turned around and started shooting at them as he ran. Officers returned fire and killed him. So, what was the predictable response? Let’s set fire to the local Ronald McDonald house with sick kids inside…

No, I am not making that up. Yes, you read it right. These domestic terrorists set fire to it, and even had the audacity to call all of their violent and criminal activity “reparations.”

I could write literally hundreds of pages giving example after example of things just like this happening in American cities right now. And what makes that all the more terrifying is what the Democratic cities in question have been openly advocating for and accomplishing, the defunding of the police. Listen to this selection from The Guardian on August 15, 2020, in a column titled “The movement to defund police has won historic victories across the US. What’s next?”
“A dozen local governments have moved to reduce their police budgets by more than $1.4 billion, marking a significant shift in American politics. In the days after the killing of George Floyd, an extraordinary wave of mass protests erupted across the US, with demonstrators setting fire to police buildings and cars, shutting down freeways and bridges and storming city halls and neighborhoods. Amid familiar chants of Black Lives Matter, a new slogan emerged: “Defund the police.

“In Minneapolis where Floyd was killed, those cries had swift and dramatic impact, with councilmembers making a historic pledge on 7 June to entirely dismantle the troubled local police department, declaring at an emotional rally their ‘commitment is to end policing as we know it’.

“That was just the start. In the past two months, a dozen municipal governments voted in favor of proposals that they say will reduce their local law enforcement budgets by a total of more than $1.4 billion, including in major US cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia.”

Are you getting that? Mothers and their little girls are being attacked by mobs in the street, and the response from the Democrat side of the aisle is “defund the police.” By the way, it is ironic, at this point, now that the poll numbers are showing just how poorly “defund the police”is playing in middle America, how “fact checkers” and professional media consultants are actually trying to argue that Democrats in general and Joe Biden particular are not, in fact, in favor of defining the police. And yet no less a liberal bastion than CNN on July 1,2020 had this headline, “New York Police Department’s budget has been slashed by $1 billion.”

A billion dollars in funding cuts to the city that not only is experiencing epidemic violence but is also the holy grail of targets for every terrorist in the world. It would seem that a city that had the World Trade Center attacked in 1998, and then brought down entirely on September 11, 2001, would not be willing to cut so much as a dime out of the police budget. And yet the column goes on to say, “But some city lawmakers — and the protesters calling for change — think the cuts weren’t sweeping enough.”

Not enough. One billion dollars in funding cuts to the Police Department is “not enough” for some lawmakers and protesters. And what was Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio’s view of this cut? He said, “I am excited to say that we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution, and at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe,”

Only a career politician could look at a one billion dollar funding cut to his Police Department, call it “a plan that can achieve real reform… and at the same time and sure we keep our city safe,” and say that he is “excited about it.”

But there is more than one side of the aisle to consider. On the other side of the aisle there is the Republican Party, and President Donald Trump. In his typical easy to understand fashion, about a dozen times a day he either says or tweets “Law and order!” and is promptly mocked and savaged for it. Let that sink in; American cities are burning, mothers and daughters are being mobbed in their cars, the Ronald McDonald house is being set on fire with sick children inside, and a message as obvious as “law and order,” rather than being met with “Yeah, okay, everyone agrees on that one” is consistently mocked and savaged. Nico Savage “cleverly” tweeted back “Rizzoli and Isles!” in reference to an old cop show on TV. Because, isn’t that what everyone needs right now? Sarcasm from a movie star? Danny Derany, “Emmy Winning Entertainment Publicist,” responded “Golden Girls!” And it just went on and on and on. To the left, BLM and Antifa and CHOPs and CHAZes are not anything to be horrified at. They are simply, in the words of Barack Obama’s former pastor, “America’s chickens coming home to roost.” In other words, “suck it up, Buttercup, you deserve this, all of you.”

Writing for, Joy Overbeck, musing over the Tara Durant situation in particular and the anarchy in the streets in general, said,

“Every mother who heard that audio tape could see herself trapped in that car with her kids crying in the back seat as “peaceful protestors” banged on the windows. Especially suburban women famously appalled by Donald J. Trump. They find him crude, rude, and just plain ‘unpresidential’ whatever that is. And offensively orange of course.

“Sometimes known as soccer moms, and as security moms after 911, they may be finding that inner grizzly mom that Sarah Palin called forth. As marauding tribes of Visigoths careen through major American cities, looting and pillaging, tearing down statues, beating people bloody, and destroying the livelihoods of citizens of all colors, disbelief and horror mingle with the questions surfacing in the female mind:

“How did legitimate anger against the murder of George Floyd so quickly morph into weeks of vicious, America-hating, cop-loathing destruction?

“Why are the elected Democrat leaders in the cities and states they have run for decades not condemning these dangerous domestic terrorists?

“Why do these same Democrat officials repeatedly order police to stand down as rioters tear apart stores and government buildings, attacking police with fireworks, frozen water bottles, bricks, and other weapons?

“Why do the rioters who say they’re FOR black lives, demolish black businesses?

“When is this crazy-scary rage coming to my neighborhood?”

Those are questions that everybody should be asking. But the real question that everyone should be asking is, “which side sees law enforcement as the good guys and anarchists as the bad guys, and which side sees law enforcement as the bad guys and anarchists as the good guys?”

There really isn’t even a question on that one, is there?

At every level, local, state, and national, you need to vote, and vote accordingly. At some point you will either have a thin blue line still protecting you or have it eliminated entirely and be on your own, with instructions to “call up City Hall to let them know about your frustrations.”