As I write this Washington D.C. and the liberal side of the culture are on the rampage. The target of their pitchfork brigade-level ire this time is Brett Kavanaugh, the current nominee for the Supreme Court. Democratic Senators have been voicing their opposition to him for months now, not based on any deficiencies in his qualifications (even they have reluctantly been forced to admit that his qualifications are impeccable) but based on his ideology, namely the fact that he is not a member in good standing of the church of abortion rights.
Despite their vociferous howling, it looked very much after all of the many hours and all of the thousands of questions that have been asked as if Brett Kavanaugh would be narrowly confirmed to the highest court in the land. And then someone flipped the switch on the way back machine and we landed in 1991…
For those who are somehow unaware, 1991 was the year that a President dared to do the unthinkable; a conservative black man was nominated to serve on Supreme Court. This, mind you, is one of the greatest of all sins, sort of a blasphemy and murder and theft and heresy all rolled together, for the modern liberal. As Justice Thomas so aptly observed, “uppity Blacks are not allowed to think for themselves.”
At the very last moment, having been put through a thorough grilling, a woman popped up with an accusation from decades before, a sexual-harassment tale that nearly destroyed Clarence Thomas. “A high tech lynching,” is how he described it, and he was perfectly correct.
Now, here in 2018, we have part two of that saga, new and improved and digitally enhanced. In this case the accusation comes not even from the adult world. In their desperate attempt to derail a Supreme Court justice they do not like Democrats have reached into the world of minors, they have gone all the way back to high school to level a heretofore untold accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.
To say that the timing of all of this is suspect would be an understatement of biblical proportions. At no time during all his decades of public service has Brett Kavanaugh ever been accused of anything untoward toward women. And now, just before a vote was scheduled, a sexual harassment claim from high school is leveled. And the accusation itself comes from a woman who only “discovered” this memory during therapy, told her therapist that it was four boys and now changes her story to two boys, is not sure what year it took place, is not sure where it took place, does not know how she got there, does not know how she got home, and demands that you regard her as credible.
Her lawyer, by the way, is associated with the George Soros funded effort to stop Brett Kavanaugh. No, nothing to see there at all, move along…
But what is all of this about, really? Thankfully the Democrats have not been a bit vague about this. This is firstly about abortion, secondly about abortion, and thirdly about abortion. This is about the liberal left’s “holy Scriptures,” the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision. This is about priests and priestesses of Moloch refusing to allow their blood sacrifices to come to an end, even if it means destroying good men in the process.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who had access to these accusations months ago, apparently herself knew how spurious and suspicious they were. She chose to sit on them and say nothing about them, hoping to derail Kavanaugh through the normal process, and only when she found out that was not going to happen did she spring these last second allegations.
So now a man who is eminently qualified, thoroughly respected, hailed by both liberals and conservatives alike as an excellent choice for the job, is left twisting in the wind. His name is now sullied and dirtied, and woe unto to the one who dares to mention that in America one is “innocent until proven guilty.” The twisted “beauty” of the current age is that every conservative man is guilty until proven innocent. Handy, that, for the modern priests and priestesses of Moloch.
Understand this well. If Brett Kavanaugh was pro-abortion, none of this would be happening. If President Trump had proven the suspicions of the Never Trumpers correct and nominated some moderate/liberal person to the court, this would not be happening. At all. Ever.
But it is happening, because the adherents to the doctrine of the church of abortion are nothing if not totally devoted to the cause. Bring out the sacraments, open the holy book, say the catechism of blood; nothing must interfere with their worship. 63 million dead babies since Roe? They regard that as a good start…