Our story begins way back in AD 270. That was the year Nicholas of Bari was born. You likely know him by a much more famous name, though, Saint Nick. During his lifetime, Nicholas developed a reputation (a reputation that grew through wild embellishments after his death) for giving gifts to others. Little wonder, then, that his legend grew into what we now know as Santa Claus.

But what, pray tell, does all of this have to do with January 6?

For those blissfully ignorant of political drama in our modern world, January 6, 2020, was the day that a protest was held in Washington DC over the outcome of the presidential election. Depending on who one views as reputable sources, Donald Trump either lost the presidential election, or was cheated out of it by massive systemic voter fraud.

But the point of this paper is not to examine and answer that question; the point of this paper is to demonstrate how January 6 is, in fact, a picture-perfect model of Santa Claus to the political left.

Let’s do this in numerical order, shall we?

One: Saint Nick somehow went from being a pretty average guy to literally being the biggest thing going in the minds of most of the world. January 6 is the same. America has seen protests where cities were pretty much burned to the ground, billions of dollars in damage was done, and people were shot and stabbed by mobs in the street. By contrast, from every report I have seen, January 6 saw a gaggle of unarmed people (unless you count the buffalo horns of the weird painted dude as a weapon) calmly walking through the capital building. It was a day of smiling selfies rather than smoldering cities, and yet it has been repeatedly referred to by the political left as “Worse than 9/11.”

Let that sink in. Granny and company toddling through the capital are somehow worse than two jetliners being flown into the Trade Centers murdering 3000 innocent people and doing hundreds of billions of dollars of damage and forever changing the world.

Two: St. Nick died in AD 343, and yet is still very much alive today in the person of Santa Claus. January 6 will absolutely be the same. If there are Democrats on earth 2000 years from now, if we have gone through nine more world wars by that time, January 6 will still be alive and well to Democrats.

Three: There was a real St. Nick and there is a mythological Santa Claus that has grown from him, and the two are nothing alike. January 6 is absolutely the same. Did people commit crimes on January 6? Some certainly did, and on camera. Trespassing immediately comes to mind. And even apart from crimes, just the sheer stupidity of it all was breathtaking. But when you close your eyes and listen to the way the left describes it, and then open your eyes and look at the actual footage, the two things are every bit as different as St. Nick and Santa Claus.

Four: Santa Claus has become the giver of gifts and the granter of wishes for “all good little boys and girls.” January 6 is the same. Naturally, all of the “good little boys and girls” are Democrats; everyone else is on the naughty list. And all of those Democrats on the nice list need only ask their political Santa, January 6, and all of their wishes are granted.

Want to keep Trump off the ballot next time? January 6.

Want to shut down free speech? January 6.

Want to label every Republican as extremists even though 99.9999% of them weren’t there? January 6

Five: People who will not reverence anything else will reverence Santa Claus. January 6 is the same. For years, Democrats have smeared America, the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, the flag, and any displays of patriotism. And yet, they are now simply aghast at such an “un-American thing” as January 6.

And there is no solution to any of this, simply because the same thing that gets one past believing in Santa would be required to get a person past their worship of January 6:

Growing up.

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Feature photo by Pastor Bo Wagner